BJP manifesto may be tech-savvy

BJP manifesto may be tech-savvy

Mumbai - After the release of Shiv Sena’s ‘Vachannama’, the BJP is also likely to come up with its ‘Jahirnama’ (manifesto). As per sources, the BJP will release this document only after the final decision on alliance with the Shiv Sena.
In 2012 BMC elections, both these parties had released their joint manifesto. But this time, the Shiv Sena has separately released its Vachannama as the talks for alliance are still going on. The BJP’s manifesto will be of 24 pages which will have some schemes mentioned in the Sena’s Vachannama. The Mumbaikars may feel that both these parties are stealing the schemes of each other. It may also lead to the credit war on manifesto.

Sources informed Mumbai Live about the possible points to be seen in BJP’s manifesto.

• CCTV and Wi-Fi systems to be installed in the city.
• LED lights will be installed across the city.
• Five new medical colleges to be opened in the city.
• Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Educational Science Centre to be formed.
• OC to be given to buildings more than 15 years old.
• 5000 new toilets to be constructed
• Right to Pee concept to be implemented
• Toilet updates to be given on mobile
• Redevelopment of the Koliwadas, gaothans and the colonies of East Indians
• Recreation centres for senior citizens
• BEST bus information for patients waiting at bus stops.

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