BJP to contest from 95 seats?

    Pali Hill
    BJP to contest from 95 seats?
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai- BMC elections date has been announced and code of conduct had been implemented. Now, political parties are busy in seat sharing. The most talk about party SS- BJP is making news for the same.

    BJP and SS are showing signs of coalition where in it is being said that BJP will be getting 95 seats to contest elections. Both the parties are discussing the same. According to the political experts, SS will leave 80 seats for BJP but the number might go up to 95. For RPI SS will give 5-7 seats.

    The last election, SS had given 63 seats to BJP, while SS contested from 135 seats and RPI from 29 seats. However, as Lok sabha elections changed the game, it will be interesting to see exactly how many seats do SS leaves for BJP.

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