BJP becomes proxy decision maker in BMC

BJP becomes proxy decision maker in BMC
BJP becomes proxy decision maker in BMC
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Mumbai – The BJP along with Shiv Sena had started taking efforts to establish its rule in the BMC. The party had made its mind either to grab power or either sit in the opposition. Now, the party will play both these roles but indirectly. How? The BJP has decided not to contest the mayoral poll or any other civic committee in making the way clear for the Shiv Sena to establish its rule in the BMC. This indirectly alliance will put the BJP in the position to guard its much-hyped transparency issue and also in the position of the opposition party.
After Sena’s Vishwanath Mahadeshwar and Hemangi Worlikar filed their nominations for the posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor, the BJP was also expected to nominate its candidates for these posts. But chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, while addressing a press conference here, announced a surprising decision of the party not to contest mayoral election as well as elections for the standing committee, BEST committee, or any other committee of the civic body.

With this turn of events, the city will have the Mayor and Deputy Mayor from Shiv Sena. The BJP had even succeeded in securing the support of two independent corporators namely Mumtaz Khan and Geeta Gawli. The party was trying to save its State government as well as taking efforts to establish its rule in the BMC. Both these parties were fearing the negative public response if they formed alliance again. Hence BJP chose to play a masterstroke by playing the role of an independent party in the BMC. The party has also decided not to seek the position of opposition leader. With this, the party has now become a king maker in the BMC but killing two birds in a single stone.

BJP: A king maker in civic bodies
The BJP has the strength of 84 corporators in the BMC. It will have 10 members in the standing committee. The party will also have the equal number (as that of Sena) in the improvements committee and the BEST committee. Any proposal brought by the administration in these committees either will have the support or oppose of the BJP contrary to that of Sena. It will give the BJP a unique position of a king maker or the decision maker.

BJP is safe zone for UP polls
With this decision to occupy independent status in the BMC, the BJP has tried to put itself in the safe zone on the backdrop of Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. If the party had opted for the Kalyan-Dombivli formula in the BMC it would have adversely affected the party in the remaining phases of UP election.

Still to be recognized as opposition party
Though the CM has announced that his party would not sit on opposition benches in the BMC, the BJP would be recognized as the opposition party only. As per the BMC laws, the second largest party assumes the role of an opposition party and the leader of this party becomes the leader of opposition. There is no clarity in the BMC rules on the situation if the second largest party does not accept the role of opposition.

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