BMC Block rearrangement a growing concern!


Mumbai - BMC's draw for Block arrangement has created a furore among political parties, political parties those who have the stronghold in their ward are least bothered about the draw, whereas those who are losing their grounds are very concerned about the decision of draw.

Block - 173 Shivsena Corporator Alka Doke lost his block and the block is now reserved for SC.
Block - 169 Shivsena Corporator Shraddha Shridhar Jadhav is least bothered about the announcement of the draw as Shivsena is in the strong position.
Block - 174 INC Corporator Nayna Manhar Sheth faced the music, block is reserved for OBC
Block - 171 Corporator Mahant Ramnaresh Chaube is not worried about the draw even block is reserved for women, his wife is likely to contest the election.