Why in hurry to advertise jobs while Maratha reservation is in court? Bombay HC slams Maharashtra government

Despite the Maratha reservation issue being heard in Bombay HC, Maharashtra government advertised the mega recruitment scheme

Why in hurry to advertise jobs while Maratha reservation is in court? Bombay HC slams Maharashtra government

After Maharashtra government declared its mega recruitment on 72,000 government job vacancies, Bombay High Court on Monday lashed out at the state government saying that “what was the hurry  to advertise mega recruitment while the matter of Maratha reservation was pending in the court?”

Meanwhile, Bombay HC narrated that if in case Maratha reservation is not implemented, it would be damaging for the people who will apply through Maratha reservation quota for the mega-recruitment. 

While hearing a petition filed against Maratha reservation, the HC suggested the state government to think about initiating the mega-recruitment programme and told the government to revert on the same on Wednesday.

The petition has been filed by two advocates – Jayshree Patil and Gunaratna Sadavarte – who demand the cancellation of the 16 per cent reservation granted by the Maharashtra government. However, the court had earlier refused to put a stay order on the same. The state government had filed a caveat in Supreme Court.

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Petitioners informed the court that Maharashtra government advertised Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) and they also announced mega-recruitment advertisements while the hearing on Maratha reservation is ongoing. The court has also directed the state government to make the backward class commission’s report on Maratha reservation public and to be given to the petitioners. 

While talking to the media outside the court today, Advocate Sadavarte was attacked by a Maratha youth Vaidyanath Patil shouting “One Maratha, Lakh Maratha (Ek Maratha, Lakh Maratha)”. Patil was taken into custody by the police. Sadavarte further informed that he has been getting threats since he filed the petition. 

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