Chief whips to get pay and perks like ministers

Chief whips to get pay and perks like ministers

In the absence of the opposition, the ruling party approved this bill in the assembly.

According to this bill, the main motto of the ruling party will be given the status to them ministers of State.

According to which he will be given the beacon cars  and a bungalow. On one hand, while the opposition parties have abandoned the meeting with the demand for the farmers’ debt waiver and the demand to refrain themselves away of the legislators, on the other hand, the ruling party approved the proposal in the Legislative Assembly on the emphasis of majority.

This will ensure that the four chief whips, namely Raj Purohit and Vijay (Bhai) Girkar (BJP) and Sunil Prabhu and Neelam Gorhe (Shiv Sena), and the other whips from the two ruling parties can get facilities due to ministers like higher salaries, beacon cars and housing. The amendment will apply only to the chief whips and whips from the ruling parties.

Bhai Jagtap of the Legislative Council said that while the government does not have any money on the issue of farmers, the government bungalows on the other side Money is being spent on red light and bunglows.