Civic polls fuel kandil war among political parties

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    Dadar – With Diwali come colourful lanterns (kandils). The market is full of different types of lanterns but this year, the civic election has gripped kandil makers due to its timely appearance. The election fever is clearly visible in kandils as they are available in the colours of political parties’ flags. This seems to have given a rise of ‘kandil war’ in areas like Dadar, Matunga, and Mahim. Political parties like the MNS, Shiv Sena, Congress and BJP are reported to have asked artisans to make kandils. These kandils are available in the range of Rs 1,200 to Rs 25,000. Putting a banner invites action from the civic authorities but they do not touch these kandils. This is why political parties are preferring kandils over banners during Diwali festival celebrations.

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