I don't read Saamna, says Devendra Fadnavis

    I don't read Saamna, says Devendra Fadnavis
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    Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis is known for his calm demeanour and outspoken behaviour in political circles. The same was experienced by media at a press conference where CM expressed himself without any second thoughts. CM usually reads national as well as international newspapers. Along with Marathi, he also reads Hindi as well as English newspaper. However, he does not read the Saamna paper. He revealed this fact in a press conference.

    During one of the program, he was asked if he reads the Saamna newspaper and what he thinks about it. He simply replied that he does not read it. Shiv Sena party has not missed a chance to criticise the BJP in its mouthpiece Saamna. Not only CM, the Sena party does not spare central government or PM of its Saamna newspaper.

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