Congress mocks BMC

    Congress mocks BMC
    • Poonam Kulkarni
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    Cross Road- Congress MLA Varsha Gaikwad carried out the protest against the road woes at the Dharavi’s Cross Road. Along with 100 workers and 150 school students, G-North ward committee’s member Bhaskar Shetty was also present. He said that, they had submitted a letter prior to the protest which spoke about the sewage water running on roads and potholes woes. "BMC has 6,500 crores budget yet they don't use it for road repairs work. Also, BMC said that there are 35 potholes but Dharavi itself has more than 35 potholes", said Varsha Gaikwad. Following to the protest, they drew rangoli circling the pothole and also lighted the lamps to mock the BMC.

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