BJP’s ideology promotes superstition claims Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant

Maharashtra Congress leader Sachin Sawant informed that some people were performing “Hawan” outside strongroom in Bhiwandi


Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant accused the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of promoting superstition. According to sources, Sawant has demanded the Election Commission to initiate an inquiry into the matter. 

Sawant informed that some people were performing “Hawan (ritualistic prayer)” in a car outside strong room in Bhiwandi. Sawant has termed this as “black magic”. A strongroom is a place where all the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are stored after the polling day. 

Sawant has demanded an inquiry on the people who were performing ‘Hawan’ outside the strongroom asking the authorities to investigate the relationship of these people with BJP. 

The Maharashtra Congress spokesperson further said that BJP is now afraid of its defeat and they are adopting various tactics to avoid the same. However, resorting to such methods promotes superstition. It has made this clear that BJP’s ideology promotes superstition, Sawant added. 

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In Bhiwandi, the EVMs have been kept at Presidency School in Elkunde village. On Monday, some people performed ‘Hawan’ outside the strongroom and were caught by Congress workers who expressed their objection to the same.