Sachin Sawant slams BJP; said 'Fadnavis govt lied with Mumbaikars'

Sawant took to Twitter to share the documents and said that the current MVA govt had decided to shift the Aarey car depot based on the original plan drafted by the former Fadnavis government, whereby 'all the steps are as per Fadnavis govt plan.'

Sachin Sawant slams BJP; said 'Fadnavis govt lied with Mumbaikars'

The General Secretary and Spokesperson of the State Congress Committee, Sachin Sawant, on Friday, November 6, 2020, said that the former government led by Devendra Fadnavis had cheated Mumbaikars for 5 years by politicising the Mumbai Metro project, and added that he will 'prove it to be a fraud.'

Sawant made these statement at a press conference conducted to refute the Central Government's claim on the proposed Kanjurmarg site for the Metro car shed. Addressing the media, he accused the Fadnavis' government of fraud and said that the land at Kanjurmarg has been owned by the state government, since 1969, where the current state government has decided to build Metro 3 and Metro 6 car sheds.

He added that this plan was drawn when Fadnavis was the Chief Minister, and besides this, Ashwini Bhide, the then managing director of MMRC, had sent a letter to the state government stating that the Kanjurmarg site was the most suitable for the construction of Metro-3 car shed.

Earlier, former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had said that the central government has now laid claim to the land at Kanjurmarg, as there was politics behind this.

Sawant took to Twitter and said, "Fadnavis govt lied with Mumbaikars by saying that for the Kanjurmarg land for Metro 3 car shed ₹ 5000 crores will be needed to be given to Pvt person through court. Now the MVA govt has started work on it's own land. Govt did not pay anyone that ₹5000 crores"

"MVA govt shifted Aarey car depot as per the original plan of Fadnavis govt. All the steps are as per Fadnavis govt plan. On 22-9-2015 Mumbai Metro rail corporation Ltd had written a letter to collector demanding land in Kanjurmarg & saying without which project can't be completed. Even Fadnavis govt on affidavit in 2016 had confirmed expert committee recommendation of using Kanjurmarg land for car depot by integrating metro 3 and metro 6 lines. Which MVA govt is doing now. Second point is Metro 6 car depot was always on Kanjurmarg land," he added.

Sharing more regarding the matter, Sawant said, "But Fadnavis govt deliberately delayed allotment with fear from Aarey protestors who would have bn upset if work had started in Kanjurmarg for metro 6. MMRDA kept sending reminders. DMRC for metro 6 floated tenders for ramps for car depot at Kanjurmarg without having land in hand. Hence it was decided by Fadnavis govt to take project to Aarey and hence lies were spread. Salt department has given land to MCGM for dumping ground and also was ready for affordable housing project then why not car depot? But now there is no need for salt dept's land. as 4 depos for metro 3,4,6,14 are on same land. If the project can be done now then it was possible then as well. The land was always without any dispute as mentioned in Fadnavis govt's plan of 2015 For face saving bjp is creating hurdles through central govt. We strongly condemn."

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