Dabawallahs back PM Modi

Dabawallahs back PM Modi

Mumbai - Dabbawallahs, part of delivery system which collects lunchboxes from the residences and deliver it to the offices with very high accuracy, are facing brunt of demonetisation. As Dabawallahs can't do away with their services, they are unable to stand in the queue outside Bank or ATMs. But this has not affected their decision of supporting PM Narendra Modi and his demonetisation move.
Dabawallahs' spokesman Subhash Talekar rebuked the decision of Bharat Band on Monday. He said," When an individual suffers from fatal disease, doctor operate it but the patient will have to bear the pain, but once it heals there will be no trace of pain and the disease. In the same manner PM Modi is operating on the black money disease to make nation black money free and we support it."

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