Demonetisation will put country in crisis: Raj


Prabhadevi – Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray said on Saturday that the decision of prime minister Narendra Modi regarding demonetisation of high value currency notes will put the country in crisis. While addressing the party workers here at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Raj Thackeray further said that government was not prepared before announcing this decision. “People are suffering from this decision. They are not able to understand where the country is heading. The government has been changing decision every day only adding to the woes of the common people.” The MNS chief also said, “Modi gives emotional speech on the black money in the morning and he meets NCP chief Sharad Pawar in the evening and says that he came into politics holding Sharad Pawar’s hands. How to understand this behaviour of Modi.”

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