Detailed discussion on traffic issues at Mumbai Naka

    Detailed discussion on traffic issues at Mumbai Naka
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    Dadar- Mumbai traffic menace was discussed at Mumbai Live’s Mumbai Naka, speical election programe. NCP spokesperson Ravindra Pawar, BJP spokesperson Avdhoot Wagh, social acitivist Ajit Shenoy, and actor Abhiram Bhadkamkar expressed their views.

    NCP spokersperson Ravindra Pawar expressed that the current traffic system is not fucntioning properly. He added that Congress- NCP built pools and roads which Shiv Sena and BJp failed to do in their reign.

    Meanwhile, actor Abiram Bhadkamkar said that people do not follow traffic rules and there should be separate road for two wheelers. He added that Mumbai has ocean nearby yet there is no coastal road built. Social activist Ajit shenoy mentioned about footpath which is the need of an hour.

    BJP spokesperson Avdhoot Wagh replied to the Pawar’s criticism saying that Congress- NCP built roads and pools but it proved futile. However, at the same, both Pawar and Wagh agreed that government and BMC commissioner has more rights than mayor and corporators.

    Actor Bhadkamkar urged voters to rethink and vote, while social acitvist Shenoy expressed that traffic menace will end by uniting. NCP’s Pawar said that Mumbai will change when BMC commissioner is changed.

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