DidYouKnow? Campaign war hots up online

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    Mumbai - The fiercest battles in the upcoming civic polls are likely to be fought online.

    The Shiv Sena's recently launched #DidYouKnow campaign is a case in point. The party that went with the desi “Karun Dakhvile” platform last time appears to have realized the power of an angrezi led social media campaign that has also been taken to the city's hoardings.​But that's not the end of the story. The tag is obviously a popular one and rival parties are not wasting their time appropriating it. While Congress' Bhai Jagtap told Mumbai Live that his party would expose the Sena's 'hollow DidYouKnow claims', city party chief Sanjay Nirupam has gone and told the media that his party has also launched a DidYouKnow campaign from Monday evening. This one will counter the Sena's claims. The latest word in political circles in the city is that the MNS, unwilling to be left behind, is toying with its own version of DidYouKnow, but we are still awaiting confirmation on this score.
    With poll fever rising, it is only a matter of time till the campaigns start lashing out at each other. The question now is - will the voter know what's to be known?

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