• Differently abled to boycott polls, bemoan lack of facilities

Mahalaxmi – Physically challenged residents of the Anand Niketan old age home have decided to not to vote in the forthcoming BMC elections.

In a petition, they have said that while the physically challenged in other countries live a better life with special facilities, Mumbai is still not a disabled-friendly city. They have alleged that there are no disabled-friendly buses, platforms at railway stations have still not been raised, and that there is a dearth of toilets for the handicapped.
The petitioners also mention the lack of special handles in local trains to facilitate a better commute for the physically challenged. They add that there are no lifts or ramp facilities at bus stops to help the differently abled.

Consequently, the Anand Niketan residents have decided to express their displeasure with the city's politicians and have decided not to vote in the BMC elections.

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