Really Republic?


Mumbai - If you learnt your civics textbook well in school, you should be able to take this Mumbai Live quiz with flying colours.
What does Republic Day signify? Who wrote our national anthem? Who addresses the nation on Republic Day from the Red Fort? Mumbai Live decided to take to the streets to check the R Day quotient of a cross section of Mumbai youth. Some of the answers surprised us, some had us stumped.
Collegians and young office goers in the city have apparently a long road to travel till they have a better understanding of the body politic of this country.
It might be funny in parts, but it is also a sad commentary that our youth are not aware of the rich legacy of our parliamentary history, the struggles that have gone into hard won freedom, and the efforts that continue to make us a sustainable democracy.
If this video is able to jog your civic consciousness even a tiny bit, Mumbai Live will consider it a job well done!

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