EC prohibits media to publish exit, opinion polls

The EC issued that the media is not allowed to publish or publicise election predictions between April 11 to May 19 through print or electronic medium during the prohibited period


In a new development few days before the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has prohibited the publishing, publicising, and conducting of exit polls during the whole election duration between April 11 and May 19. 

Moreover, the EC has also directed the media to not show any opinion polls and other poll surveys, in any manner, under 48 hours of the polling dates. The EC also informed that broadcasting the prediction of election results by tarot cards, astrologers and any other medium is a violation of the law. 

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The EC issued that the broadcast of exit polls and other related polls is prohibited from 7:00 AM on April 11 to 6:30 PM on May 19.