File cheating case against Centre, Congress asks State

    Pali Hill
    File cheating case against Centre, Congress asks State
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai - State government should register a case against the Union government for cheating the common people by nullifying the prime minister’s decision of demonetization by issuing the ordinance, demanded MPCC spokesperson Sachin Sawant while addressing a press conference here on Wednesday. The budgets of various projects have been increased upto 200 percent in last two years.

    This government is adding Rs 20000 crore for the benefit of contractors and such steps are taken ahead of local governing body polls. The State government had said that 94 contracts will be cancelled but in reality, no contract has been cancelled and even notices are also not given.

    The earlier contractors are working and they are being paid their bills. The contractors related to the BJP alleged Sawant. He also pointed out a newspaper editorial which had claimed that the BJP received a fund of Rs 40 crore from a company accused in the infamous irrigation scam. He demanded the enquiry into this episode.

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