Gadkari wedding card is grammar Nazi's nightmare


Mumbai – Simplicity appears to be the keyword as far as union transport minister Nitin Gadkari's daughter's wedding plans are concerned. While that is welcome news indeed, the belt tightening exercise appears to have led to some drastic cuts in the quality of preparations as well. We speak here about the wedding invite which has gone out to family and friends. The cards are simple enough and we have no quarrel with that. But the many grammatical mistakes that have crept into the text matter on the cards would make any true blue Maharashtrian cringe.

Letters have been dropped, misspellings abound and unwonted spaces make themselves felt between letters. A simple proof check could have rectified matters. But the Gadkaris obviously feel that the few pennies saved in the process are a few hard earned pennies earned. 

This video shows up the errors we could glean from the invite. Can you spot any more?