In Spite Of Rape Case, Mumbai Is The “Safest City” For Women Says, Shiv Sena

Saamana, the political party’s mouthpiece stated that the recent crime occurrences against women in the state were a stain on the culture of the state.

In Spite Of Rape Case, Mumbai Is The “Safest City” For Women Says, Shiv Sena

On Monday, the Shiv Sena mentioned that whilst the heinous rape-murder of the woman in Mumbai has startled everyone, the city is the “safest city” in the world for women, therefore there shouldn’t be a doubt about it in anyone’s mind, stated a report by the PTI.

In Saamana, the political party’s mouthpiece, it stated the recent crime occurrences against women in the state were a stain on the culture of the state and the anger felt is acceptable. Late night on Friday, a 34-year-old woman was raped in a stationary tempo in Mumbai’s Sakinaka. Based on some reports, the police stated that she succumbed in the hospital during treatment. This case is said to be similar to the rape incident in Delhi in 2012.

The suspect, a 45-year-old was arrested in a few hours of the incident and then charged with murder.

The mouthpiece stated that the rape and murder of the woman in Sakinaka have appalled all, but Mumbai is the safest city in the world for women and there shouldn’t be a doubt in people’s minds.

It elaborated that such rape and murder incidents like that in Sakinaka came about being due to “horrible pervertedness” that can be seen throughout the world. It said that contrasting the Mumbai incident to that of the Hathras was inaccurate. The piece elaborated that the Hathras culprits had the support of the state and a postponement in their arrest. It claimed that the victim’s body was burnt in a rush by the authorities to annihilate evidence. The daily elucidated that the Yogi government stated that no rape occurred, which was then proven incorrect, further elaborating that the promptness with which the delegation from the National Commission for Women reached Sakinaka wasn’t seen in the Hathras incident.

The narrative also claimed that members of a certain political party took to the streets to defend the accused in the Kathua rape incident. Contrasting this to the Sakinaka occurrence, the accused was nabbed in 10 minutes.

The political party thinks that the answer to such incidents is to reduce the perverted mindset.

It questioned that the Maharashtra government decided to look after the education and livelihood of the victim’s children.

The account also went on to justify the controversial statement made by Hemant Nagrale, Mumbai Police Commissioner that the authorities cannot be present at all the scenes of crimes. The party stated that police in other states and cities will concur with this.

It added that the Sakinaka rape victim was acquainted with the accused, the woman passed away owing to her injuries despite efforts from the police and doctors.

The party says that the judiciary should now be left to do its due diligence. The account stated that the culprit will be hanged since no one has supported the accused, unlike the other incidents. They believe that one should be aware of what needs to be politicised.

The report is further said to have spoken on how crying over the Sakinaka occurrence has brought to light one’s sensitivity, but if crocodile tears are shed, fear is caused and the gravity of the situation is diminished.

The editorial sarcastically mentioned that the police should be allowed to do their job, but if someone wishes to give the case to the Enforcement Directorate what can one do. 

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