Independent candidate blames SEC for tampering with votes

Independent candidate blames SEC for tampering with votes
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Mumbai - Independent candidate Prakash Pawar of ward no. 197 who lost the seat has alleged the state election commission officials for forging the statistics. Pawar believes that SEC tampered with the numbers as the same ward received three different voting statistics. He pointed out that MNS candidate Dutta Narvankar has something do with this.

Ward no 197
Total voters – 39,204
Booth wise voting – 20,668
Counting on paper – 20,711
Counted votes – 12,683
Legal voters – Nil

“In 2007 I had contested from the same ward and then I had got 1800 votes. But this year I got only 700 votes. There is a huge disparity between the counting numbers given by SEC official and counting on paper. This year’s BMC election was bogus and so I want to take action against SEC official for forging the votes,” said Prakash Pawar. Meanwhile, MNS candidate Datta Narvankar refuted the allegations. “I have been doing my work since five years wherein my party workers have worked hard and so I have got the votes. I don’t care what Pawar says because however loses votes, alleges winning candidate. And SEC is not answerable to any party,” said Datta Narvankar, corporator. Now, it will be interesting to see if SEC takes any action against Pawar’s allegations.

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