Champion of one-way communication: PM Modi beats President Trump in the social media battle

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is twice as famous as US President Donald Trump on Facebook with 43.2 million followers


In the race for social media followers, US President Donald Trump may rank first on Twitter with 23.1 million followers but when it comes to Facebook, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi wins the game. According to a study conducted by Burson-Martsteller, Modi is twice as famous as Trump on Facebook.

Facebook for Asia 

Prime Minister Modi has almost 43.2 million and counting followers on Facebook and this makes him, by far, the most followed international leader on social media. People in Asia use Facebook more than any other social media platform meaning that the Asian leaders get a large number of following on Facebook.

Modi and Trump Similar?

The world has already compared Modi and Trump many times but you can’t help and ignore their similarities. Both of them are very vocal on their social media platforms and not one of them wants to face the press and be accountable to the public.

The President of world’s largest economy and the Prime Minister of world’s largest growing economy, don’t like to indulge in two way communication with their citizens. Thus, opting for social media platforms to express whatever is relevant to them.

The Press is said to be the fourth pillar of democracy and it has the power to put authorities, and most importantly, the PM or President of any country to indulge in an interaction with the media directly to answer some hard-hitting questions related to several important developmental issues of the country. It is not only important but necessary.

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