I am the voice of classes, masses: Arvind Sawant on Issue Kya Hai

In an exclusive conversation with Mumbai Live, Shiv Sena candidate Arvind Sawant contesting from Mumbai South constituency says that security and integrity of the country are the major issues


Arvind Sawant, the incumbent MP, has been nominated yet again by Shiv Sena to contest the Lok Sabha elections 2019, from Mumbai South constituency. In an exclusive interview with Mumbai Live, Sawant talks about issues related to integrity and security of the country. 

"The issue is the nation’s integrity and security. Keeping in mind that these are Lok Sabha elections, the country should elect a strong government along with a strong leader,” said Arvind Sawant when asked Issue Kya Hai.  During the walk and talk with Mumbai Live, Sawant said, “We are blessed to have a tough and strong Prime Minister like Narendra Modi. Is there any option who can lead the country? The opposition alliance in the country is a failure, they have already broken up. How will they lead the country?” 

Sharing his thought on if the Congress candidate Milind Murli Deora will be strong opponent given that he has been endorsed by Reliance chief Mukesh Ambani, Sawant replied, “Rahul Gandhi calls Anil Ambani corrupt and Mukesh Ambani is supporting their candidate. They are into business together. Do you think that Ambani has connected with the people? But I have the same thought. I am the voice of the classes and masses of this country,” asserted Sawant. 

There is a tough fight between the sitting Shiv Sena MP Arvind Sawant and Congress candidate Milind Deora. Mumbai will vote on April 29 in the Lok Sabha election. 

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