Assembly Speaker Nana Patole raises voice for the benefit of Koli community

In a recently held meeting, Nana Patole has directed the government to draft the policy regarding land issues in Koliwada and take immediate action to transfer residential and business lands to fishermen at the earliest possibility.

Assembly Speaker Nana Patole raises voice for the benefit of Koli community

In a recently held meeting, Assembly Speaker Nana Patole said that while the demarcation of Koliwada lands in the state is underway, the state government of Maharashtra should work on formulating a policy on these lands and expedite the transfer of residential and business lands in the name of fishermen. This move should be planned to give justice to the Koli and tribal communities in Maharashtra.

Officials from the government met at Vidhan Bhavan recently to discuss the transfer the lands in Koliwada in the name of the fishermen and also to the ongoing land survey of the lands in the fishing villages through the Land Records Department. 

Additional Settlement Commissioner of Land Records Anand Raite, Konkan Divisional Commissioner Annasaheb Misal, Commissioner of Fisheries Dr Atul Patne, Mumbai City Collector Rajiv Nivatkar, Palghar Tehsildar Sunil Shinde, Deputy Superintendent Suhas Jadhav, Akhil Maharashtra Machchimar Kriti Samiti's Devendra Tandel, Working President Bernad Dimelo, Vice President Kamlakar Kandekar and other concerned department officials and members of the action committee were present at the discussion.

Sharing his thought during the meeting, Assembly Speaker Nana Patole said that the 'Koli and Adivasi brothers' should get justice on the land issues of Koliwada, the case which has been pending for several years now. Stressing on the same, he said that necessary action should be taken not only to demarcate the Koliwada area but also to issue the lease the same in the name of the original residents, for which, the government should take action by drafting a comprehensive policy.

Furthermore, he demanded that justice should be given to the natives of Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg.

Nana Patole also said that land spread across areas where locals live should be registered for residential purposes and land in areas where the business is taking place should be registered for the same.

Natives of the land have settled in the 720 km coastline of the Konkan for several years and have engaged in the traditional business of fishing. There are a total of 41 Koliwadas in Mumbai, whereby eight out of 12 located within the city, and 23 out of 29 Koliwadas in the suburbs have been surveyed. 

Officials informed that there is opposition from the locals in other places, whereby the residents fear of being displaced from the original place through demarcation, Clarifying the same, Nana Patole stated that there should be no fear in this way as land leases will be given to the natives under the plan.

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