Leaders rush to file nominations

Leaders rush to file nominations

Mumbai- Shiv Sena and BJP distributed the AB forms to their official nominees. In regard with this in many places leaders were seen filing the nomination forms for the BMC election. The areas where leaders went to file the forms include Dadar, Parel, Masjid Bandar, Worli and Sandhurst Road. Nominees who filed their forms for the municipal election are as follows -Jeetendra Dodke, Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh (Ward number - 195)
Sarla Gavade, BJP (Ward number - 224)
Urmila Rahul Katke, Shiv Sena (Ward number - 183)
Rajendra Narayan Suryavanshi, Shiv Sena (Ward number - 184)
Vasant Shivram Nakashe, Shiv Sena (Ward number - 186)
Mariyamal Muttu Tevar, Shiv Sena (Ward number - 187)

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