Will Priya Dutt continue the Dutt legacy in Mumbai North-Central constituency?

In Mumbai's North-Central Lok Sabha constituency, the voting took place in six assembly sections and the fight was between Congress candidate Priya Dutt and BJP incumbent MP Poonam Mahajan

  • Will Priya Dutt continue the Dutt legacy in Mumbai North-Central constituency?

A formidable tussle is sure to take place in the North Central Mumbai constituency as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Poonam Mahajan and Congress candidate Priya Dutt are contesting from the seat. Priya Dutt is the daughter of late Bollywood actor and MP Sunil Dutt who was also a successful Congress leader.

Both are young candidates from their respective political parties. However, it remains to be seen whether Mahajan will continue her winning streak from 2014 or Dutt will boost her political career with a win.

Earlier, Mahajan had won the North Central Mumbai seat owing to the Modi wave in 2014. The BJP candidate had won 4,78,535 votes in comparison to Dutt's 2,97,676 votes. While Bandra, Vile Parle, Kalina have been favourable for BJP, the rising issues of water, rehabilitation, traffic, illegal construction, etc. can pose a serious threat to BJP's winning streak.

Earlier, Congress candidate Priya Dutt had said that she won't contest elections but eventually she was fielded against Mahajan.

There was a 55.23 per cent voting recorded at the North Central Mumbai constituency.

Total Voters (in lakh)Turnout of Voters (in lakhs)Assembly SectionPercentage
2.601.59Vile Parle61.19
2.451.29Bandra East52.74
1.55Bandra West52.45
Total - 16.799.01