Minister roams in Mantralaya without chappal... But why?

    Minister roams in Mantralaya without chappal... But why?
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    You must have heard or read about the close relations between political leaders and spiritual leaders in our country. Many political leaders from almost all the political parties have their spiritual gurus and they exert quite an impression on their powerful disciples. These political leaders literally follow the instructions of their spiritual gurus.

    One such political leader who is a minister in state cabinet was seen roaming in the corridors of Mantralaya without wearing chappal or shoes. He was reportedly ordered by his spiritual guru not to wear footwear for one-and-a-half month.

    This minister had vowed to get himself de-addicted from the addiction of tobacco but could not fulfill it. This time, he has taken his gurus instruction seriously. The reason behind minister’s decision not to wear footwear could not be known for the time being.

    A few years back, Shiv Sena leader Arvind Bhosale had taken a pledge not to wear footwear till he succeeds in defeating Narayan Rane. He completing his pledge he now wears the chappal.

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