Marathi to be made a compulsory subject in schools

Industries Minister, Subhash Desai, said that the government will frame a law in next month’s Assembly session and press on making it mandatory for schools to teach Marathi.


Governments of many states in India have ensured that their official language is included in the curriculum as a part of the syllabus, to ensure that the students learn and adapt the same. Maharashtra's official language, Marathi, is being taught in many schools, but as part a recent decision taken by the government, the language will be made mandatory in all schools. 

Industries Minister, Subhash Desai,  recently said that the state government has ensured that a law is formed during the next assembly session that talks about making Marathi as a mandatory subject to be taught in  all schools irrespective of mediums of instructions.

In a recently released statement, Desai said, “The government will frame a law in next month’s Assembly session, making it mandatory to teach Marathi language from Class 1 to Class 10 in all schools irrespective of media of all instructions. 

The state boasts of over 25,000 English medium schools and there has been a rise in this number year-on-year. Sharing more information about the move, he said, "Marathi is not taught at these schools or is kept as an optional subject. Teaching Marathi will be made mandatory at all such schools.”

The Shiv Sena leader is also appointed as the Marathi Language Minister and has said that a draftbill is being prepared with regards to the same. The decision to make the language mandatory in schools was made during an interaction organised by the ‘Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh.’

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