MNS targets the government again; asks if commuters would 'fly to work'

Under the unlock 5.0 guidelines, the government has allowed restaurants to resume operations. However, MNS leaders have asked the government to decide on solving the transportation issues, since the number of passengers have been increasing over time.

MNS targets the government again; asks if commuters would 'fly to work'

Targeting the ruling government once again, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has raised concerns with regards to selective activities permitted under the ‘Mission Begin Again’ guidelines. Questioning the Maharashtra government, members of MNS have stated that under Unlock 5.0, the government will allow some more service sectors to resume business. But what about public transport, which will help employees commute to work? 

Mocking the ruling party, members of MNS have asked if the employees would 'fly to work' if the government doesn't think about the Mumbai local trains.

It has been over 3 months since the unlock process has begun in the state, and operations of several industries and offices have been started in recent times. As a result, the employees and professionals have also started leaving homes for work, however, with no or inadequate means of public transport, commuters are facing several issues on a daily basis. 

Mumbai's lifeline - the local train service - is currently available only to the essential staff members, and also allows travel only for some important services. But allowing the general public to travel now is important. MNS leader Sandeep Deshpande, took to Twitter to question this decision.

At present, passengers have to rely on ST, BEST bus, private vehicle, rickshaw and taxi for a regular commute. Either one has to pay more for private vehicles or face the rush in case of BEST and ST buses.

For the common man who cannot afford a private vehicle or rickshaw-taxi service on a daily basis, only BEST and ST buses serve as an option. However, due to the limited number of bus services and a large number of passengers, people have to stand in line for hours to get on the bus. Besides this, huge congestion in this bus also poses a risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

As a result, the demand for local train service has been on the rise from time to time. A few days ago, MNS conducted a strike and protest demanding the same.

The government has received several complaints regarding the crowd and travel time, however, necessary actions are yet to be taken. But with the new unlock guidelines in place, transportation will have to be the next priority for the government. Failing to sort these fundamental issues, could add more worries to the commuters on a daily basis. 

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