Much political ado over Amruta Fadnavis’ music video

Much political ado over Amruta Fadnavis’ music video
Much political ado over Amruta Fadnavis’ music video
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Mumbai – Although Amruta Fadnavis, wife of state chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, is a banker by profession, her video album has created a stir in political circles here. Amruta Fadnavis has appeared with Bollywood ‘Shahenshah’ Amitabh Bachchan in a music album which was shot in the iconic Royal Opera House on Tuesday. Amruta appears with Big B in a red dress and is seen dancing with him. Taking a cue from this, Congress city chief Sanjay Nirupam tweeted that 80 persons have died due to the demonetisation drive and that 'the chief minister’s wife is dancing with the ‘beneficiary’ of this scheme'. Talking to Mumbai Live, Nirupam said that this act of Amruta Fadnavis has put a big question mark on her sensitivitiy towards what is happening in the country right now. He also said that it is the birthright of a person to exhibit his/her art, but being the chief minister’s wife, she ought to been more sensitive. On the one hand, while the country's citizens are being made to stand in  queues to get currency notes, and soldiers are laying down their lives for the country on our borders, the chief minister’s wife should have been more discreet. Nirupam's attack was countered by BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari who called Nirupam an uncivilised person who does not know 'how to talk about the chief minister’s wife'. All in all, the allegations and counter statements have already made this music album a hit even before its release.

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