Mumbai Congress protest against rising electricity bills, gas cylinder prices

Mumbai Congress under the leadership of the party’s city President - Sanjay Nirupam - carried out protests outside 15 railway stations condemning the spurt in electricity and gas cylinder charges

Mumbai Congress protest against rising electricity bills, gas cylinder prices

Mumbai Congress on Friday carried out demonstrations outside 15 railway stations across the city to protest against the rising electricity bills and gas cylinder prices in the city. Many women also participated in the protest.

While protesting at Andheri Railway Station, the Mumbai Congress President pointed out that the hike in electricity bills is “atrocious” and demanded the hike to be brought down. 

The electricity charges must be brought down to at least an affordable amount which was being paid before Gautam Adani took over the power business in Mumbai from Anil Ambani. If this atrocious hike isn’t curbed with immediate effect, Gautam Adani might have to leave the power business of Mumbai soon,” Nirupam said. 

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Speaking on the increasing gas cylinder prices, Nirupam informed that a gas cylinder cost around ₹350 when Congress was in power and still, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) protested at that time. 

Under the rule of BJP, one gas cylinder costs more than ₹1000. The women are forced to hit the streets today and raise their voices because PM Narendra Modi and his Govt are playing dirty games with the people,” Nirupam added. 

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The protest was carried out in Andheri and other 14 major railway stations on all three lines across the city. Many Congress leaders from the city's unit lead the protest including Bhushan Patil, Baba Siddique, Eknath Gaikwad and others. 

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