Mayor refuses to stop using red beacon till…

Mayor refuses to stop using red beacon till…

The Union Cabinet has taken a decision to end the VIP culture by removing red beacons atop the cars of ministers, officials and other dignitaries from May 1. But the first citizen of Mumbai, Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, has refused to remove red beacon from his official car and clarified that he will do it only after State government issues a notification in this regard. He will be considered as the most unfortunate mayor after losing official residence and red beacon.

The State government had issued directions to remove red beacon atop Mayor’s official car when Sunil Prabhu was the city Mayor. Prabhu had written a letter to the government requesting to let him continue the use of red beacon on his official vehicle and he had continued to use it till government orders arrived in this regard.

After Union Cabinet’s decision, Mumbai Mayor frankly opined that this decision should be followed by all but State government needs to promulgate an ordinance in this connection. Prime minister Narendra Modi had asked his party MPs to declare their assets but how many of them have followed his instructions, asked Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar.