NCP will win Kumbharwada

NCP will win Kumbharwada

Kumbharwada- NCP Ex Minister and MLA Jayant Patil turned up at Ward 220 at Kumbharada, Dharavi to inagurate the election office of party candidate Rupesh Khandake late wednesday evening.
While interacting with the people, Jayant Patil tried to stike the emotion chord. He appreciated the increasing participating of women in politics.
He also took potshots at the ruling Sena BJP alliance in the BMC, saying that those who claimed that Mumbai was theirs, have just given scams to the people in the name of development.
He went on to challenge the incumbent from Shiv Sena, saying that though this ward may be the stronghold of the Sena, NCP will put all its effort to create history.
While encouraging their young candidate Rupesh Khandake, he appreciated his social work in the area. Large number of NCP party workers and officials were present at this meeting.

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