‘Take action against Sanjay Darade if roads are not repaired till May 31’

‘Take action against Sanjay Darade if roads are not repaired till May 31’

Leader of opposition in the BMC, Ravi Raja, has demanded that inquiry of chief engineer (roads) should be conducted if road repair works do not get completed till May 31. Ravi Raja pointed out that road repair works in the city had stalled due to non-availability of boulders for the said work. Now, these boulders are made available and hence these works should be completed by May 31. He also doubted the role of chief engineer (roads) Sanjay Darade who had tried to secure political help for the boulder suppliers and hence demanded his inquiry.

The BMC has taken up repair work of 927 roads in the city. As quarries in Thane were banned from environmental point of view, the road repair works in Mumbai had got affected in want of boulders. Sanjay Darade had met chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Yuva Sena president Aditya Thackeray to put up the case of boulder suppliers. 

Ravi Raja pointed out that it was the responsibility of contractors to make available the required material for civic works. As boulders are now made available, the road repairing works must be completed by May 31 and if Darade fails to get this done from contractors he should be held responsible for the same, Ravi Raja stressed.

Meanwhile, Ravi Raja pinched the BMC administration on its claim that 78 per cent nullah cleaning works has been completed. He said that only the first showers will expose the truth in this regard. The work percentage is on papers only. These works were actually not taken up speedily and hence nullah cleaning work in many wards has not been taken up yet, he said.

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