Politicians in touch with Dawood- Bhangale

    Pali Hill
    Politicians in touch with Dawood- Bhangale
    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai - Hacker Manish Bhangale has claimed that other than Eknath Khadse, four other politicians are also in touch with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Hacker Manish Bhangale and advocate Geetanjali Lokhande were speaking at the press conference at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh. Bhangale has given the five numbers to the police cyber cell and claims that one of the numbers belongs to Eknath Khadse. Bhangale also questioned the police inaction and reluctance to divulge information. “Instead of investigating the numbers, they are questioning me as a criminal," he said. Lokhande added that investigating officer Ravi Desai kept on probing Manish with 'baseless' questions and added a proper investigation into the entire matter is the need of the hour.

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