• Pothole fracas

Mumbai - Where on one hand, citizens of Mumbai are harassed by the potholes on roads, on other hand politicians are busy on cashing on the issue. On Wednesday MNS corporator Sandip Deshpande and Santosh Dhuri pointed finger at BMC chief engineer, made him stand on the road and the battle lines were drawn between corporators and engineers. The engineers asked for Deshpande's arrest and threatened to go on strike. After assurance from the police that the arrest would happen, they shelved the idea. Deshpande and Dhuri were unreachable since their arrest process started. In the latest development of events Sandip Deshpande along with Santosh Dhuri has surrendered at Shivaji park police station. Ironically during all this drama no one actually bothered about the pot holes and citizens were left to deal with them on their own.

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