Here are Mumbai's best MLAs according to Praja Foundation's survey

Praja Foundation is a non-partisan organisation that conducts data-driven research and provides information on civic issues to citizens, media, and government administration


On Thursday, Mumbai-based non-partisan organisation, Praja Foundation released a survey that revealed that the perceived quality of life in the city has improved by 8 per cent in 2019 as compared to 2014, last year of the Congress-NCP regime's tenure.

Alongside, the survey on the other hand also stated that the number of questions raised in the Assembly has dropped by 42 per cent between the two terms.

Meanwhile, the survey ranked Shiv Sena's Sunil Shinde as the best MLA in Mumbai followed by Congress' Amin Patel from Mumbadevi and the MLA placed on the third spot was Congress MLA from Malad, Aslam Shaikh. 

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At the bottom were Shiv Sena’s Sadanand Sarvankar from Mahim, BJP’s Ram Kadam from Ghatkopar and another Shiv Sena MLA Ashok Patil from Bhandup.

The foundation had linked the quality of life to the performance by the city's Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) based on parameters such as attendance, number, and quality of questions and usage of area development funds.

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To conduct the survey, the foundation had also interviewed 22,845 people for their perception of their MLA’s accessibility, performance, etc. According to the data, 68 per cent of the respondents said there is an improvement in their lives as compared to 60 per cent in 2014.

But on the other hand, the survey also registered a significant drop in the number of questions raised in the Assembly. While 38,618 questions were asked in the last term (2009 -14), only 22,345 questions were asked in the current term (2014-19). This displays that the average number of questions per MLA has witnessed a drastic decline from 1,207 in the last term to 698 this term. 

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