No one can stop me from visiting Bhima Koregaon: BBM chief Prakash Ambedkar

Last year, Bhima Koregaon was a national highlight after the clashes broke out between two groups


With Bhima-Koregaon battle touching 201st year, Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh (BBM) supremo Prakash Ambedkar on Friday announced that he will visit the historic victory pillar at Koregaon Bhima village. Ambedkar asserted that no one can stop him from going there on January 1. 

The BBM chief remarks come after Minister of State (MoS) Social Justice Minister Dilip Kamble said that no one would be allowed to hold a gathering at the Koregaon Bhima village. Ambedkar was at Ahmednagar on Friday when he announced his visit to Bhima Koregaon while asserting that no one can stop him from going there.

Speaking about the ongoing chaos regarding Maratha-OBC reservation, Ambedkar said that if OBC community is upset over the decision of Maharashtra government, they can show their anger in the upcoming elections next year. “Across the country, there is an anti-BJP environment and this will ensure that BJP will get fewer seats,” said BBM chief Prakash Ambedkar. 

Earlier at the inception of this year, the Bhima Koregaon was at the highlight in the media amid the clashes between two groups. The outrage gained national attention after the clashes between alleged saffron groups and the people present at the Elgaar Parishad’s event. 

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