What happens to EVMs after you vote?

In order to ensure fair counting, the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) are sealed and kept in a strong room under heavy security


As 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra conclude, the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) which recorded each and every vote has also been shut. The vote count will be initiated on May 23. Are you aware regarding the journey of EVMs till the counting day? There are several security measures taken to ensure fair and safe counting of votes.  

EVMs kept in Strong Room

After the polling is over, the EVMs are sealed and the person authorised by the Election Commission of India (ECI) has the right to seal the same so that no tampering can be done with it. As this happens, the EVM is kept in a strong room with heavy security. 

All the EVMs which were used in the voting process are kept in the strong room until the date of counting. Except the officer authorised by EC, nobody else can enter this room. After sealing the EVMs and keeping them in the strong room, the district administration fully seals the room as well and the same is disbanded during the time of counting. 

Taken to counting centre

With heavy security, the EVMs are taken to the place of counting after being removed from the strong room. Along with the security personnel, in a few cases, a Judge and a gunman are also involved in the process to transfer the EVMs. 

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Kept in Strong Room after counting

The votes are counted with the help of authorised officials and employees appointed by the EC. The EVM seal is disbanded only at the counting centre and if in case the same is missing, the registered votes in that EVM are not a part of the counting process. The results are announced after counting every round. 

After the counting is concluded, the EVMs are again kept in the strong room for almost 45 days. This is done to settle the issues related to EVMs and votes if any.