MNS signboard protest: Kandivali’s Raju Dhoklawala puts up Marathi signboard

MNS workers tore down Raju Dhoklawala’s Gujarati signboard in Kandivali


The moment Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray spoke about Gujarati signboards targeting India Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Gudi Padwa rally, the MNS workers tore down the signboards which were in Gujarati in Vasai. 

During one such strike, MNS workers tore down the signboard of Rajubhai dhoklawala in Kandivali. The video of the same went viral.

After the posters were brought down, the next day, Rajubhai dhoklawala put up another signboard which was in the Marathi language.

We will not entertain signboards in Gujarati language and if we come across any, we will tear it down,” Dinesh Salvi, MNS ward president, Kandivali.

Meanwhile, they also congratulated Rajubhia Dhoklawala for putting up the signboard in Marathi.

According to Salvi, they had asked Dhoklawala to change the signboard but when he didn’t pay heed, they tore down the same. However, when Mumbai Live contacted Dhoklawala, he said that he was planning to change the signboard, but he was busy with his family function.

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