Rush Hour

    Rush Hour
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    Fort - Many candidates were seen thronging Elphinstone College for filing their poll papers on Friday. Various candidates from different parties including Shiv Sena, BJP, Congress and MNS were seen. The list of the candidates who filed the forms are -

    Anjana Chabuswar - Ward number 225 (Cong)
    Sushma Shekhar - Ward Number 226 (Cong)
    Puran Doshi - Ward Number 227 (Cong)
    Yojna Thokle - Ward Number 225 (BJP)
    Harshida Narvekar - Ward Number 226 (BJP)
    Makrand Narvekar - Ward Number 227 (BJP)
    Sujata Sanap - Ward Number 225 (Shiv Sena)
    Smita Pavle - Ward Number 226 (Shiv Sena)
    Arvind Rane - Ward Number 227 (Shiv Sena)

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