Rane at it again: Criticises own party along with Sena

Rane at it again: Criticises own party along with Sena

Congress leader Narayan Rane has targeted his own party leaders and other opposition leaders on the issue of the ‘Sangharsh Yatra’. He termed the yatra as failed one and observed that Sangharsh Yatra would have been successful had it been organised just after the Legislative Session.

Rane, on Monday, stressed that he was not handed over any responsibility regarding the Sangharsh Yatra. He reiterated that the BJP leaders have offered him to join the party but there is no truth in his joining that party. “The news of me joining the BJP is the handiwork of media. I had never commented on my joining the BJP,” he said adding that he met Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and general secretary Ahmed Patel in Delhi.

Rane also attacked the Shiv Sena and predicted that the party will badly fare in the 2019 elections. “If I join the BJP, the Sena would withdraw its support to the State government. The 17 MLAs of the Sena would be in the government even if that party withdraws the support from State government,” claimed Rane.

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