State Government Jobs: New Recruits will become permanent only based on their performance

Maharashtra government has opened for 72 thousand positions and of them, 36 thousand will open this year and rest, in the next year


The Maharashtra Government earlier introduced new sets of rules for the newcomers recruited for the government jobs. If this works here in the state, it can set an example for other state governments to initiate the same. Recently, the Maharashtra government opened up jobs for 72 thousand positions and any applications have been received for the same.

However, the state government has said that the selected candidates will work under probation period for five years. Their position will be made permanent only on the basis of their performance. This step has been taken to break the common mentality of government jobs where it is believed that people don’t work but earn money. Hene, the performance of the candidates will be judged to promote them to the next level.

This condition has been written in the Government Resolution issued by the state government. Alike the honorarium provided to the appointed teachers in government sector for five years, the candidates here also will be analysed on the same terms.

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