Gurudas Kamat sends a reminder of his resignation

Gurudas Kamat sends a reminder of his resignation

Senior Congress leader and Chief Secretary of AICC Gurudas Kamat had earlier tendered his resignation from his services in the party. As a matter of fact, in a meeting done with Rahul Gandhi, Kamat opened up regarding his desire to retire from all his services. On the other hand, former chief minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot has now been appointed to be the in-charge for the state of Gujarat.

Kamat stated that he had requested Rahul Gandhi to relieve him of his services and responsibilities at the party on 3rd February itself. In addition to this, he thanked both Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. As a matter of fact, Kamat, in his reminder requested Rahul Gandhi that he should now relieve him of all his services to the party. Moreover, it was on 21st February that the Congress candidates were declared for the BMC elections and it was on that day itself that he requested Rahul Gandhi again to relieve him.

Stating that the reason behind him tendering is resignation was that he now wanted to quit taking an active part in politics, he also thanked both Rahul and Sonia Gandhi for giving him the opportunity to serve the party. However, as per the sources, he tendered his resignation out of his disappointment on Ashok Gehlot being made the in-charge of the state. Congress has now appointed Gehlot as the in-charge for Gujarat.

Earlier as well, Kamat had tendered his resignation in June 2016 from all his services at the party, but he had later withdrawn his resignation after much of request from the party members. At that time, it was believed that he tendered his resignation due to the tiff he had with Sanjay Nirupam. But this time even after as many requests from the party members, Kamat does not want to hold back onto his position.