What’s cooking between BJP and NCP?

What’s cooking between BJP and NCP?

It is said that ‘If the enemy is superior to you, then make him a friend’

This rule has already been implemented by many leaders in politics. The most recent example of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's entry into the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), which is in favor of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and in turn, introducing a new chapter in friendship with him. Political leader Sharad Pawar plays a key role in politics and is likely to form NDA's constituent party soon. Mumbai Live has received the news that a popular NCP leader has discussed the same with BJP's Amit Shah in this regard.

Some BJP leaders at the local, state and central level, have been given an opportunity and NCP has started preparations to adapt to BJP. It is being reported that the preparation had already begun for the same. During the 2014 assembly elections, BJP was registered as the party that won the highest number of seats in the state but did not touch the majority figure. Back then, NCP had shown willingness to support, without asking for its formation.

Although Sharad Pawar has claimed that he supports the popularity of the people and not to take the state back to the electoral fray, the real reason behind that decision is not hidden from the public. The BJP, which has succeeded in all the big elections, kept NCP in a safe place. Recently, the NCP, which was a coalition partner of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), had registered an absence of the constituent parties in New Delhi. 

In the last 15 years, from 1999 to 2014, there has been unrest among NCP leaders. NCP's Maharashtra State President Sunil Tatkare had accepted this in a special interview with Mumbai Live. Apart from sending NCP's firebrand leader Chhagan Bhujbal to jail, along with former Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and State President Sunil Tatkare, the BJP has also shown interest in participating in the inquiry.

As per the movement, it is clear that NCP is expanding its proximity to BJP – be it at the center or at the state level. Perhaps after forming the constituent party, top politicians who are facing the investigation of the irrigation scam might get some favor, this may also lead to some expecting a ministerial post in the Union Cabinet.

However, there is a churn in the BJP at this time, on if the NCP should be accepted as the constituent party of the NDA. A few days back, BJP President Amit Shah along with all his top leaders prepared the 'profile' of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The blue print to prepare the win was drafted in the plan and it is being reported that Maharashtra has been preparing for the purpose of winning on its own strength. This template has been prepared by the BJP, keeping both the political parties - Shiv Sena and NCP - in mind.

It is now dependent on BJP if they want to make NCP as an ally? Will this be a good move? Well, it will be worth the wait to know.

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