Shiv Sena gives a hard-hitting reply to Ashish Shelar

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    Mumbai - Shiv Sena MP Arvind Sawant retorted to Ashish Shelar's remarks - 'Thackeray son's understanding limited to peg, penguin and parties.' On Tuesday, Sawant said that Uddhav Thackeray is doing every bit to make the city a better place. Earlier, Aditya tweeted, “We cannot let the east coast be sold for ‘residential’ and commercial activity to builders,” he tweeted while opposing plans to develop the huge land bank of the Mumbai Port Trust. As per Sawant he cleared the air over Aditya's tweet and said that the BMC is responsible for the development work of the buildings on of Mumbai Port Trust's land. "Shiv Sena is walking quietly like an elephant and people like this are commenting", said Arvind Sawant.

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