Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad refuses to apologise to the Air India official whom he allegedly lashed out, says would only apologise to the Parliament in case he has caused disrespect to its dignity.  

Claiming the entire incident to be a trivial conflict, the MP today reached Mumbai by Rajdhani Express as he alighted the train just at Borivali station. Branding the employee as ‘mad’ Gaikwad says he was quite polite to the air hostess as well by addressing to her as ‘Didi’. He says he will discuss the matter with Shiv Sena chief, Udhav Thackrey and the question of apologising gets completely ruled out.

He further stated that he was travelling to Delhi and was made to be seated in the economy class although he had a ticket for business class. He says that the staff exhibited rude behaviour towards him and if such is the case with a public figure, he feels what would be the case with a common man.

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