Shiv Sena updates its logo on social media; ‘Saffron’ colour missing

Shiv Sena updated its logo in which the ‘saffron’ colour is absent. The saffron colour used to represent the ideology of the party


Not only in politics, but symbolism is significant in every sphere. Every political party or organisation is associated with a colour which identifies with their ideology and identity. The right-wing or Hindutva based outfits and parties in India recognise themselves with the colour ‘saffron’. 

Since inception, the regional party in Maharashtra – Shiv Sena – has identified itself with the ‘saffron’ colour and the ideology behind it. With their faith in Hindutva ideology, Shiv Sena like the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has associated itself with the colour orange. The symbol of Shiv Sena has always remained a bow and arrow with saffron colour in the background. 

However, on Wednesday, Shiv Sena official page on Facebook updated their logo in which the ‘saffron’ colour in the background is absent. The symbol remains the same but the colour of the logo has been turned black and white.

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This has happened amid the voting process for the first phase of Lok Sabha election across the country, including Maharashtra, was initiated. Inside the party, some workers wonder while a few expressed their disappointment over this sudden change. Earlier in Jammu and Kashmir, while campaigning it was observed that BJP’s lotus was ‘green’ in colour.