Shiv Sena’s manifesto futile or fruitful?

Shiv Sena’s manifesto futile or fruitful?

Mumbai- After claiming BMC in 2012, Shiv Sena and BJP made promises which still have not been fulfilled. And now, for 2017, they have come out with a different manifesto with different promises. This is what the  2012 manifesto assured -

- Roads and Flyovers
Promise #1- in coming five years, the concretization of roads will be completed.
Status- Mumbai has 1,942 roads which are 16 km long. Since, 1989, the concretization of 651 roads was done. In last five years, 80 roads of central suburbs, 166 roads in western suburbs and concretization of 70 roads have been done. So, in last 50 years, only 50 km roads have been worked on.

Promise #2- Will do quality audit and will improve the longevity of roads
Status - BMC hired Indian Register of shipping (IRS) and SGS India Pvt. Ltd audit firms in 2013 to carry out the quality audit work but did not deliver the same.
In June 2016, 10 tainted employees of IRS and SGS audit firms were arrested in connection to road scam worth Rs. 352.16 crores.

Promise #3 - Will improve the quality if roads in two years.
Status- Linking Road is still waiting for asphalt road despite signing the contract. No step has been taken to develop S. V. Road and Lal Bahadur Shashtri road.

Promise #4- Constructions of 14 flyovers including Jogeshwari and Goregaon
Status- Apart from these flyovers (Jogeshwari and Goregaon), no new flyover has been built. Reconstruction of Hancock bridge and Carnac Bunder bridge is left in midway.

Promise #5- Duct will be placed for installing pipes and cables.
Status- BMC had prepared three years of the development plan. But the same was not provided for road works.

Promise #6- Parking zones will be constructed to tackle traffic woes.
Status- CM himself has put a hold on parking project. It is expected that in return of FSI, parking zone will be constructed. Though builders got the permission to construct 65 buildings, only nine parking places are made available.

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